Leopard Muskie:

Here is an absolutely gorgeous purebred Leopard Muskie. There are many Muskie found in many lakes with the Leopard patterns but it's very rare to see a pure strain Leopard Muskie, which are only found in a couple of lakes in Ontario.

Brett Erickson's Quote: It was Jon's first night out trolling with us and this is his personal best so far. We've caught a lot of different pattern and color variation fish out of Crow over the years. Spotted and barred fish are the norm, but about 1 in 20 is a 'leopard' with black spots going down their back with a lighter 'halo' around them. It's a very unique and beautiful fish. This one was unlike anything I've ever seen in my 30 years chasing Muskies. Not an exceptionally large fish, but still a real 'trophy' fish to be proud of. Pattern down the back almost looked like a Muskie mated with an eelpout out of LOTW. Very unusual. I don't know about it being a 100% pure stain Muskie, but it wasn't a first generation hybrid either as all of the fins were pointed and not round at all.

I would like to thank Brett Erickson's of www.thornebros.com for posting the video.