Ear Falls Ontario Muskie Fishing:

Indian Lake Lodge is located on the famous Indian Chain of Lakes, which is north of Vermilion Bay, Ontario and not far from the Manitoba border. From their lodge you have nine lakes to boat through and all are stuffed with Muskie. Indian Lake has the highest concentration of Muskie of any lake in Ontario and has the best Muskie fishing. Even a beginner can hit this lake and easily start catching Muskie, with most of them being 40 inches or bigger. Lots of water to roam and lots of bait fish means the Muskie do grow to gigantic sizes. This lake gives you are really good chance at catch that dream Muskie over 50 inches. Another thing about these lakes is the different skin patterns that the Muskie exhibit. If you look at their photo galleries you will see some of the most beautiful Muskie every.They have cozy lakefront cottages that vary in size for small and lodge groups. They offer fantastic 18-foot fishing boat rentals with electric start motors and electric trolling motors. They also have fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Perch.
Lac Seul's Scout Lake Resort & McKenzie Bay Outpost: Scout Lake is a remote corner of Lac Seul and located at the south-west end of the lake. Scout Lake and Lac Seul are now being recognized as the new destination for monster Muskie fishing. Muskie first started getting caught in the late 80s and every year they are becoming more common. Since 2010 there are been more 60+ inch Muskie caught in Lac Seul than all other lakes in North America put together. Since 95% of people fish for Walleye and Northern Pike on Lac Seul it's hard to say how many Muskie you will catch in a day if you target them. Lac Seul is also one of the best lakes in Ontario for Walleye and Northern Pike with populations of Smallmouth Bass increasing every year. The resort has clean and cozy housekeeping cabins as well as remote outpost camp on McKenzie Bay, which sleeps eight people.